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SUNMENTO story 3

This time, we will introduce some of the shapes of Sunment.

Major shapes



Typically with a convex or concave zone engraved in the center line.



A concave or canted interior corner molding.



A double curve with the shape of an elongated S.


Cyma recta

A molding of double curvature that is concave at the outer edge and convex at the inner edge.


Cyma reversa

A molding of double curvature that is convex at the outer edge and concave at the inner edge.



A convex molding, the profile of which is one-quarter of a circle also called a quad molding.



A common convex molding consisting of a quarter circle in section.



A bead or torus molding carved in imitation of a rope.



Convex semicircle on flat part.



Semicircle cross section.


Reed molding

A small convex molding, several ridges are carved close together.

Based on these shapes, a single molding is completed by designing the surface.
Next time we will introduce the molding design.