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The beginning of Western architecture in Japan 1


Japan was in the national isolation policy, except the Netherlands, for more than 200 years from 1639. Meanwhile, in the United States and Europe, the industrial revolution that began around the middle of the 18th century has seen remarkable developments in commerce and industry. As a result, great powers such as the United Kingdom, France…more

Outline of Japanese Criteria of Fireproof-material


Like MIHASI’s Sunmento Cera has been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan as a non-combustible product since 2009, Fireproof-materials are widely used in building materials. In order to be officially certified as Fireproof-material in Japan, the material must meet 3 conditions as below.   Basic 3 conditions of Fireproof   The…more

SUNMENTO story 4


This time, we introduce some of the designs of Sunmento. Major designs   Greek meander   Twist   Wave   Flower crown   Leaf swag   Palm tree and leaf   Arabesque   Beads   Dental   Egg and darts   Floral pattern   Egg   Rope   Sausage and beads   Scallop shell  …more

SUNMENTO story 3


This time, we will introduce some of the shapes of Sunment. Major shapes   Fillet Typically with a convex or concave zone engraved in the center line.   Cove A concave or canted interior corner molding.   Ogee A double curve with the shape of an elongated S.   Cyma recta A molding of double…more

SUNMENTO story 2


MIHASI’s original brand, SUNMENTO is synonymous with the molding field. SUNMENTO now has a variety of over 400 types. There are a variety of surface shapes ranging from classic and elegant designs that are Western classical architectural styles to modern designs that make use of simple straight lines. This product configuration can be used for…more