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SUNMENTO story 1


Mihashi Co., Ltd. has reached its 47th year of business. Over time as work to handle molding products has increased, so have product orders of molding products, and our molding department has grown larger. In this way, we have grown into the largest company in the industry dealing with decorative materials for buildings such as hotels and wedding halls. We are also the first to use the word “gorgeous decoration material” in the sense of decorating the building in a gorgeous way.

Therefore, based on the idea that clients will be delighted if we could stably supply ready-made products of gorgeous decoration materials, development, manufacture and supplying of the original brand “SUNMENTO” (crown molding) started.

Clients’ reactions from the beginning of the sale are very good, and further improvements are made to standardization of product quality, unify, and automate production of SUNMENTO, which was conventionally manual processing, to supply products in high quality, at low price and in short delivery time.

Since then, we have created beautiful and rich architectural spaces through products and services, and “SUNMENTO” has grown to become synonymous with the molding field.

The lineup of “SUNMENTO” products and their functions will be introduced next time.

To be continued