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New products of Wooden Waveboard

This time, we introduce 6 new products of Wooden Waveboards. AWM111AY [45×12] 3650mm (AYUS) AWM112AY [60×12] 3650mm (AYUS) AWM113AY [75×12] 3650mm (AYUS) AWM114AY [90×15] 3650mm (AYUS) AWM115AY [120×15] 3650mm (AYUS) AWM116AY [150×15] 3650mm (AYUS)

Sunmento rail sales best 5

Here is an introduction to MIHASI’s Sunmento direct timber sales best 5. No.5 A327 No.4 A112 No.3 A111 No.2 A110 No.1 A325 The common feature of these Sunmento is that they are small in size (thin), and it can be said that the reason for their popularity is that they do not require too much…more

MIHASI’s ability to deliver products with quick delivery times, low prices, and high quality

The reasons why MIHASI has realized short delivery times and low prices are as follows. ・ Purchase large quantities of materials at once (We aim to reduce costs by purchasing large quantities of inventory, and is responding to a wide range of customer demands, from existing products to custom-made products.) ・ Skilled staff use various…more

Machining accuracy of MIHASI products

The top priority of the MIHASI is to process materials according to the specifications based on the design drawings. NC processing machines are indispensable equipment for this purpose. NC machining is one of the fields in which NC machining is specialized, and it serves as a foundation for supporting superior manufacturing. Today, many of the…more

The beginning of Western architecture in Japan 2

With the modernization of the politics economy, new buildings such as banks and companies as commercial buildings from government buildings and school buildings became the leading part, and a number of buildings exceeding those of shrine and temple buildings were constructed. Although foreigners could not afford to go to private houses and local architecture, buildings…more

The beginning of Western architecture in Japan 1

Japan was in the national isolation policy, except the Netherlands, for more than 200 years from 1639. Meanwhile, in the United States and Europe, the industrial revolution that began around the middle of the 18th century has seen remarkable developments in commerce and industry. As a result, great powers such as the United Kingdom, France…more

Outline of Japanese Criteria of Fireproof-material

Like MIHASI’s Sunmento Cera has been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan as a non-combustible product since 2009, Fireproof-materials are widely used in building materials. In order to be officially certified as Fireproof-material in Japan, the material must meet 3 conditions as below.   Basic 3 conditions of Fireproof   The…more