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MIHASI’s ability to deliver products with quick delivery times, low prices, and high quality


The reasons why MIHASI has realized short delivery times and low prices are as follows.

・ Purchase large quantities of materials at once

(We aim to reduce costs by purchasing large quantities of inventory, and is responding to a wide range of customer demands, from existing products to custom-made products.)

・ Skilled staff use various processing machines to produce products efficiently

(We efficiently produce high-quality products in large quantities at a time, so there are few out-of-stocks.)

・ With more than 40 years of business development, an efficient system has been established to handle orders, estimates, shipments, and delivery.

(Propose products that meet the needs of customers by experienced staff members who are familiar with the products)

(We have devised and realized a system that can efficiently deliver products while keeping down labor, delivery, and other costs, and sell high-quality products at short delivery times and low prices.)

MIHASI constantly improves its systems to give top priority to customer satisfaction.