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Machining accuracy of MIHASI products


The top priority of the MIHASI is to process materials according to the specifications based on the design drawings. NC processing machines are indispensable equipment for this purpose. NC machining is one of the fields in which NC machining is specialized, and it serves as a foundation for supporting superior manufacturing. Today, many of the world’s famous manufacturers of building materials have emerged from Japan, driving the “Made-in-Japan” campaign. Along with the globalization of the market, MIHASI’s products have been widely exported to Asian countries as well as other countries around the world.

Now that manufacturing has become increasingly digital, any manufacturer can probably use NC processing machines to create high-precision products, but this is not necessarily the case. As one of the strengths of manufacturing in Japan, we have not only introduced machines, but have also refined our unique technologies by devising ways of utilizing machines by each manufacturer, and by creating blade and other tools and jigs on their own. It is an indispensable effort even at present, when NC (numerical control) and CNC (computer numerical control) are dramatically advanced.

When we hear a talk at the manufacturing site, we often hear that even cutting-edge machines have “individuality for each model.” The operator adjusts the parameters delicately according to the machine’s individuality to achieve high-precision machining at all times. In other words, when using a machine, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the machine in charge, as well as the individuality of the machine, and to make thorough use of the machine.

In addition, knowing about the machine alone will not be able to aim for a truly superior technician. The MIHASI’s staff return to the starting point of the machine tool, and work day by day to lead them to better work by knowing the hand finishes such as cutting, bending, and file injuries.