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Sunmento rail sales best 5


Here is an introduction to MIHASI’s Sunmento direct timber sales best 5.

No.5 A327

No.4 A112

No.3 A111

No.2 A110

No.1 A325

The common feature of these Sunmento is that they are small in size (thin), and it can be said that the reason for their popularity is that they do not require too much process for attaching at construction sites.

The number of order for a Sunmento rail is usually from 10 to 100 pieces at a time. The price, \4000 (store price excluding taxes) per piece, can be said to be reasonable and appropriate for keeping down interior decoration costs.

Small (thin) products are also used such as a frame of the wall panel in addition to the original use purpose is also the reason why small (thin) products are popular.