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SUNMENTO story 2


MIHASI’s original brand, SUNMENTO is synonymous with the molding field.
SUNMENTO now has a variety of over 400 types. There are a variety of surface shapes ranging from classic and elegant designs that are Western classical architectural styles to modern designs that make use of simple straight lines. This product configuration can be used for various applications such as crown molding, waist-high-molding and basemolding. In addition, rounded materials with the same shape are also available, and a variety of space can be produced by combining straight lines and curves.
This time, we will introduce the wood used as the base material.

AY: Ayous material

Light yellowish white or cream color with little difference in color between core and sapwood.
Since the wood is light and soft, it is easy to cut and is used for molding, furniture cores, drawers, and joinery.

Finger joint processing is performed to make effective use of materials.
We process materials such as scrapes and stains and putty processing.
For finishing and painting, we recommend dark coloring and painting.

WCO: White Cherry Oak

The color is bright yellowish white and there is little color difference between the core and sapwood.
The material is highly elastic and easily processable. It has hardness, weight, and strength, and has the ability to hold nails and wood screws.
It is used for molding, furniture, etc. where people and things such as frame materials and baseboards come into contact.

Finger joint processing is performed to make effective use of materials.
The paint finish can be selected from transparent coating, coloring and painting.

In addition, Sunment is used for the exterior and interior in various materials such as ceramic materials, rigid polystyrene, glass fiber reinforced gypsum, PVC, etc.
Next time, we will introduce the design with actual examples.

To be continued